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“Mr. Dybov praises NightHawk’s beautiful looks, outstanding build quality, and emotionally engaging sound.”

Regarding NightHawk’s fit and overall comfort, Savov declares: “It is, in a word, sublime. Okay, another few words: sumptuous, luxurious, awesome.”

“Everything about the AudioQuest NightHawk headphone, from its materials, design, and sound, differs from what came before.”

“The NightHawk gives hope to affordable audio without significant compromise.”-Eric Neff, Headphone.Guru

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“The NightHawk is technically innovative, beautifully made, and engaging to listen through.”-Chris Martens, HiFi+

“The Nighthawks are a beautifully designed and put-together pair of headphones that are presented extremely well, are insanely comfortable, easy to listen to and highly enjoyable.”-Lachlan Fennen, Passion for Sound

“…the AudioQuest NightHawk are Gentlemen’s headphones.”-Digital Audio Review, John Darko

“There’s no contesting that the AudioQuest NightHawks are an extraordinary design with best-in-the-business comfort.."-SoundStage!Experience, Brent Butterworth

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