Fill Your Room with the Sweet Sound of iPod/iPhone


Visit any hi-fi store these days and you’ll see countless dock-and-speaker systems for iPod or iPhone. So, you may ask, what sets the ABX-100 apart from the crowd? Onkyo’s keen dedication to build quality and audio performance, that’s what. The first thing you notice about the ABX-100 is the elegant brushed-aluminum dock cover and matching solid aluminum foot-base. Sliding open the cover reveals an easy-to-read graphical LCD display and touch-sensor buttons. Here, eye-pleasing looks are complemented by ear-pleasing sound. The ABX-100’s top-side dock for iPod/iPhone connects to precision-engineered amplifier circuitry inside. A pair of full-range speakers then deliver room-filling resonance for your podcasts and music. Further connectivity is provided by a 3.5 mm analog audio input that enables you to hook up other audio devices, such as a portable CD or MP3 player. It all adds up to a stylish and simple audio solution for your office, den, or bedroom.


₱13,300.00 Regular Price
₱5,000.00Sale Price
    • iPod/iPhone Audio Connection and Power Recharging
    • Tone Control (Treble/Bass/Super Bass)
    • 3.5 mm Analog Audio Input
    • Sliding Brushed Aluminum Dock Cover
    • Solid Brushed Aluminum Foot-Base
    • Touch-Sensor Buttons
    • Graphical 128 x 64-Dot LCD Display
    • 3-Mode Ambient Underside Illumination (Normal/Dim/Off)
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