Bringing Advanced Speaker Construction Technology to the Home Theater


Industry When Onkyo teamed up with one of Japan’s leading companies to research new materials for speaker construction, the goal was to come up with a material that could be easily manipulated into different cabinet shapes (thereby reducing diffraction and enabling different designs) while retaining the necessary material density to reduce cabinet vibrations (a major cause of poor quality sound). This joint effort has realized a construction method, Advanced Extrusion Engineering Technology (AEET), where fine wooden grain is infused with ABS resin, and then extruded into the shape of the speaker cabinet. The L500 speaker series shows the potential of AEET construction—a sleek, ergonomic home theater speaker design that isn’t going to let you down performance-wise. To give the front and center speakers an even greater edge, you’ll find Onkyo’s Advanced Onkyo Micro Fiber (A-OMF) in the woofer diaphragm. A-OMF’s three-layer construction can be used a construct a thin yet rigid diaphragm that enables an extremely fast and accurate response. The stiffness of the diaphragm ensures breakup doesn’t occur (too much flexibility). This enables the speakers to avoid midrange coloration; in other words, sounds will be pure, open and directed. More than just a capable home theater speaker series, the L500 speaker series shows a new direction for the future.

SKF-L500 (W/O Box)

₱16,000.00 Regular Price
₱7,500.00Sale Price
  • • 8 cm A-OMF diaphragm woofer x 2

    • 2.5 cm balanced-dome tweeter

    • 150 watts max. input

    • AEET construction

    • High-gloss finish

    • Aero Acoustic Drive

    • Magnetically shielded • Push-type speaker terminals

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